Tami Johnson is a Registered USEF Morgan Judge available for assignments in the U.S.

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Tami Johnson: USEF "R" Morgan Judge

I hold a USEF "R" Morgan judging card and enjoy judging both in the U.S. and abroad. I have judged in Sweden, England and many U.S. states, including such shows as the New York Regional, Ontario Championship Morgan Show, Indiana Amateur Show and many others. In 2008, I had the honor of judging the Massachusetts Morgan Horse Show. In 2009 and again in 2012, I officiated at the BMHS Morgan Championship in England.

Having trained and shown my own horses in every division since a pre-teen in Michigan in the 1970's, I am well versed in all disciplines and familiar with several different breed standards. However, I only maintain a card in the Morgan division due to time constraints.

As a junior exhibitor, I was interested in judging and participated in the AMHA Youth Judging Contest at the first Grand National in Detroit in 1973. From that time forward, I judged many open horse shows from Michigan to Missouri as I continued to show and learn. I first acquired my USEF "r" judging card in 1997, and was promoted to "R" in 2004. My judging assignments have taken me to England, Sweden, Canada and several locations around the United States. I also do a few local open shows from time to time around Missouri, Kansas and Illinois. It is a job I love to do. Being a true amateur, I breed, train and show my own horses for the love of the sport, and so it's doubly important to me that every horse that comes through the gate gets the consideration and ribbon it deserves on that day, in that class, regardless of the trainer, rider, driver or past accomplishments (or lack of). I am an efficient and thorough judge, and I am decisive and solid in my convictions.

My extensive experience in different disciplines and in training and breeding my own horses has been a huge benefit to me in my judging repetoire. I stick to the individual class specifications and stay abreast of rules changes and developments with the USEF. I believe that in hand classes are breeding classes first, and that we should be adjucating with the future of the breed in mind, staying within the breed standard and emphasizing a sound and correct horse for the next generations that is undeniably MORGAN.

Because I'm not leaving a training barn behind on my judging assignments, I am frequently more readily available and have fewer conflicts than many other judges. To find out my availability during the 2016-17 season, please e-mail me. Thanks for your consideration!

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Trillion with Tami Johnson, whip
Sarde's Scoundrel with Tami Johnson, up


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